Monday, June 24, 2013

New York Times Fala da Falência de Eike Batista

Até mesmo o jornal oficial do PT nos EUA, o pasquim novaiorquino New York Times, reconhece que a falência de Eike Batista é a falência econômica do lulo-petismo. Today, with the Brazilian stock market and the value of its currency falling as mass demonstrations hobble the country, Mr. Batista’s billions are evaporating. From a peak of $34.5 billion in March 2012, his wealth has dropped to an estimated $4.8 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. His lenders are growing anxious, and there are concerns that he might have to reorganize — and possibly lose control of — his dwindling empire. The rise and fall of the charismatic industrialist mirrors Brazil’s sudden reversal of fortune. After years of economic expansion, the South American nation has begun to sputter. Inflation has become a major concern. Brazil’s stock market index has declined about 23 percent this year, the most of any large country. This month, Standard & Poor’s cut its outlook on Brazil’s credit rating to negative, citing slowing growth and weakening finances.(...)Mr. Batista’s conglomerate, as an emblem of the nation’s industrial mettle, ranked among the government priorities now being questioned, receiving more than $4 billion in loans and investments from the national development bank. While protesters have not focused much ire on Brazil’s economic elite, there has been a building resentment toward the fact that governing structures subject to corruption in Brazil remained largely the same throughout the long economic boom, as authorities channeled huge resources of the state to projects controlled by tycoons.

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JGould said...

Rui Falcollor presidente da camorra de São Bernardo, pedirá para a juventude vermelha gritar; "Eike é meu amigo, mexeu com ele mexeu comigo".

P.S.Capitalismo chinês: