Monday, June 2, 2014

CUrinthia, Sunpaulo, e o Brasil do PT

O que esperar do time oficial do PT? da maior e mais inabitável cidade [cloaca] da américa latrina? Do Brasil governado pelo PT há mais de onze anos? Incompetência, corrupção, vergonha infinita! A copa do mundo do lulo-petismo mostra ao mundo o que é ser governado pelo partido da bandidagem. A ficha caiu e a imprensa internacional não perdoa, está reportando a verdade, para desespero dos comissários do PT: With a week and a half to go until the World Cup, the 65,000-seat Itaquerão stadium in São Paulo is still not finished. The stadium held its final test event on Sunday — a game between Brazilian top-flight teams Botafogo and Corinthians. Due to multiple construction delays over the last 15 months, it wasn't a full dress rehearsal. Only 37,000 of the 65,000+ seats were filled because a section of temporary stands behind one of the goals had yet to be approved for use by the fire department. This comes two weeks after the construction company in charge of the project announced that the glass roof designed to protect fans from the rain wouldn't be completed until after the tournament. On June 12 the ~$400 million arena will host the opening game of the World Cup, between Brazil and Croatia, and it will do so without a conducting full test event. The Los Angeles Times reports that parts of the stadium were visibly unfinished, with construction materials and exposed concrete around the concourse.

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