Sunday, January 11, 2015

As Falhas Colossais de Segurança da França

The French intelligence services have zero ability to do something with the information they receive from foreign intelligence agencies about dangerous Muslims who have returned to France. And so the terrorists had no problem travelling on a train in France with Kalashnikovs in their bags. There was not a chance in the world that someone would stop them. The French intelligence services were likely familiar with the two Kouachi brothers and received warnings about them from foreign intelligence agencies. There is a reason why the French intelligence agencies are keeping silent now, and why all the information about the two brothers is coming from the media. Today we already know that the murderer from Toulouse in 2012 was, to France's disgrace, a collaborator and informer of the French security services. It's possible that this time too, after going through the files, the French security services will be embarrassed again, if not disgraced. What they knew and didn't know about the terrorists has yet to be published, but it's completely clear that they failed to provide a warning about terror attacks, costing 17 people their lives. Who would have thought that the French people, who invented the modern intelligence, would reach such a low point. When France wants its intelligence to be extraordinary, it is. But it just didn't want, for political reasons, to deal with the Islamic terror, both because of France's involvement in Western world and because 10% of its residents are Muslim. The French police's counter-terrorist task force has nothing to be proud of either, as the incident ended with a large number of casualties among the hostages.

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