Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Ficha Caiu: Forbes Detona Lula e o PT Pela Merda de Organização da Copa do Mundo

A sempre omissa imprensa internacional, que antes do turco-fenício-maranhense da Dilma roubar o jaba era integralmente favorável ao lulo-petismo, finalmente decidiu reportar o Brasil como ele é: uma merda insofismável e lula e o PT como responsáveis pela desorganização e roubalheira descarada na organização da copa do mundo. Vejam como a Forbes bate bem:Part of the blame can be attributed to former president Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, whose own megalomania and ambition set him up for what could become his worst political moment. Certainly the most popular politician in Brazil by a mile, Lula da Silva personally lobbied for the World Cup to be held in Brazil for the sake of showing the world how much of a superpower Brazil can be. Truth be told, many Brazilians celebrated that idea when it was first presented, and only recently have changed their mood.(...) Since it rose to power in 2002, Brazil’s Workers’ Party has been using propaganda in various forms to push the idea that its governance style has changed Brazil for the better. But despite recent improvements, Brazil is still one of the world’s most unequal countries, and its poorest citizens are the ones paying the biggest share of their income in tax and also the ones getting the least back from government spending. No wonder why some of them are taking to the streets to protest.The whole idea of hosting the World Cup was, in fact, seen by the leaders of the Workers’ Party and other allied parties as the pièce de résistance to illustrate the changes they have been propogating as miraculous. The disconnect with real life is what has caused the anger of so many Brazilians, and a decision by Federal Prosecutors to ask a court to suspend the airing of government advertisements touting the benefits that the World Cup will bring to Brazil, saying the ads are “absurdly divorced from reality.”

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