Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Game Theory na Ilíada: Rationalizability

Menelaus ensina, no Livro XVII da Ilíada , como fazer a escolha ótima da opção menos péssima, um excelente exemplo de rationalizability: "What should I do? If I leave this armor here, with the corpse of Patroclus, who died avenging the wrong that was done to me, any Achaean who sees me withdraw will blame me. But if, from a sense of honor, I fight single-handed against the Trojans, they will cut me off and surround me, and I will be trapped, since Hector is on his way with a large contingent. But why do I need to debate these things with myself? When a man defies the gods' will and fights against someone helped by a god, disaster rolls down upon him. Surely no Argive will blame me if I give way to Hector now, since a god is certainly with him. If only I could find Ajax, together we tow would call up our fighting spirit and go into battle even against the gods' will, to rescue the body for Achilles, and that would be the least bad of our choices".

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