Monday, September 7, 2015

Como os Comunistas Estão Destruindo a África do Sul

Artigo no WSJ escrito por F.W. De Klerk: the South African Communist Party has pursued its 2007 vision to establish “worker hegemony in all the centers of state power.” Without winning a single vote in any election, it now controls the secretary-generalship of the ANC and 12 key cabinet posts, with dominant influence within the presidency and ministries dealing with economic policy. At its 2012 national conference, the ANC adopted an agenda for “the radical implementation of the second phase of the National Democratic Revolution.” The intention is to dispense with some of the constitutional compromises on which the pre-2007 government was based—and to move ahead with radical economic transformation. This includes greater state intervention in the economy, the cancellation of bilateral investment treaties with European countries, and what the ANC calls a fundamental change in the ownership and control of land. The proclaimed goal is to promote equality. However, the ANC’s policies have benefited only the top 15% of the black population. South Africa remains one of the world’s most unequal societies, with half the population earning less than 10% of total income. The government’s increasingly anti-free-market and anti-property policies do not take into account the immense damage that will be done to the economy, to South Africa’s international image, and to its ability to improve the lives of millions of ordinary South Africans of all races. Unchecked, this agenda will seriously threaten racial harmony and the great experiment that the nation began with so much hope and goodwill 25 years ago.

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